At Foot Imprint Podiatry we go beyond the traditional hallway walking observation and invite our patients onto the treadmill where we assess your gait frame by frame in real time. We use cutting edge technology to measure your function and posture of the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back. This full spectrum gait analysis allows us to detect subtle joint movements, compensations and dysfunction not visible to the naked eye during examination.

During the gait cycle on the treadmill two main phases called the “Stance Phase” and “Swing Phase” are observed for movement deficiencies. If there are faulty movement patterns this will manifest as a reduction in mobility and movement or pain. A common example is that of a previous injury site where normal pressure onto the affected area has been avoided. The result being a pathological change to movement or a “learned behaviour”. Subsequently the alteration in movement may manifest into other problem areas placing further stress on muscle groups.

Providing data insight into movement patterns specific to walking or running allows us to design treatment to target the cause of pain or dysfunction rather than chase the symptom.

Examples areas of focus during the treadmill analysis include:

  • Head position- too far forward can affect the body’s centre of gravity
  • Arm position- important in assisting with torso and pelvic rotation. Improper position can lead to neck, shoulder. knee and foot pain.
  • Pelvic position/instability- the hips and core are key to the body’s stability. Imbalances can cause excessive foot and knee injuries.
  • Over striding- important in how the foot lands in relation to the centre of mass. Overstriding can create excess pressure on joints.
  • Foot position- critical in the way our body absorbs ground reaction forces.

Whether you’re experiencing pain, having difficulty walking or running, or a competitive runner looking to improve their performance, gait analysis and retraining can get to the source of your pain and dysfunction, and restore you to pain free mechanical efficiency.

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